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Negative Differential Resistance in Two-Dimensional MoS2 Thin-Films: Role of Adsorbed Water and In-Plane Proton Diffusion 

Litty Thomas Manamel et al


Peer Reviewed Journal Articles


3,4,9,10-perylene tetracarboxylic acid dianhydride seeding promoted monolayer large area 2D rhenium disulphide growth

Navaneeth Krishnan K.*, Bikas C. Das

AIP Conference Proceedings 2995(1), 020206 (2024).

Versatile Titanium Carbide MXene Thin-Film Memristors with Adaptive Learning Behavior

Athulya Thomas, Puranjay Saha, Muhammed Sahad E, Navaneeth Krishnan K, and Bikas C. Das*

ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 16(16), 20693–20704 (2024).

Synergy between asymmetric contact geometry and self-powered operation of ultrasensitive CsPbBr3 photodetector

Sandaap Sathyanarayana, Navaneeth Krishnan K, and Bikas C. Das*

Physical Review Applied 21(4), 044015 (2024).

Solution-Processed Robust Multifunctional Memristor of 2D Layered Material Thin Film

Puranjay Saha, Muhammed Sahad E, Sandaap Sathyanarayana and Bikas C. Das*

ACS Nano 18(1), 1137–1148 (2024).

Superionic Silver Halide Solid Electrolyte: Dielectric Property and Iontronic Memtransistor Application for Bio-Inspired Computing

Arka Mukherjee, Kannan Udaya Mohanan, Srikrishna Sagar & Bikas C. Das*

Advanced Functional Materials 34(1), 2304228 (2024).


Large-Area Growth of Two-Dimensional Rhenium Disulfide Depicting Robust Artificial Photoreceptor-cum-Optic Nerve Synaptic Functionality

Navaneeth Krishnan K, Srikrishna Sagar, Arka Mukherjee and Bikas C. Das*

ACS Applied Optical Materials 1(3), 759–770 (2023).

Efficient Carrier-Filtering Performance Probing of Oxide Buffer-Layers in Organic Solar Cell at Nanoscale

Anjusree S & Bikas C. Das*

Organic Electronics 114, 106728 (2023).


A Singlet-Diradical Co(III)-Dimer as Non-volatile Resistive Switching Device. Synthesis, Redox-Induced Interconversion and Current-Voltage Characteristics

Suman Sinha, Muhammed Sahad E, Rakesh Mondal, Siuli Das, Litty Thomas Manamel, Paula Brandao, Bas de Bruin, Bikas C. Das*, and Nanda D. Paul*

J. Am. Chem. Soc. 144, 44, 20442–20451  (2022)

Highly-Sensitive Full-Scale Organic pH Sensor Using Thin-Film Transistor Topology

Srikrishna Sagar and Bikas C. Das*

Organic Electronics 111, 106654 (2022).

Analog Memristor of Lead-Free Cs4CuSb2Cl12 Layered Double Perovskite Nanocrystals as Solid-State Electronic Synapse for Neuromorphic Computing

Sumaiya Parveen, Litty Thomas Manamel, Arka Mukherjee, Srikrishna Sagar, and Bikas C Das*

Advanced Materials Interfaces, 2200562 (2022).  (

Effect of Semiconducting Nature of ZnO Interfacial Layer on Inverted Organic Solar Cell Performance

Anjusree Sreedharan and Bikas C. Das*

Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 55 (33), 335103 (2022).

High Mobility Silicon Indium Oxide Thin-Film Transistor Fabrication by Sputtering Process

S. Arulkumar, S. Parthiban*, J. Y. Kwon, Y. Uraoka, J. P. S. Bermundo, Arka Mukherjee and Bikas C. Das

Vacuum 199, 110963 (2022).

Emulation of Synaptic Functions with Low Voltage Organic Memtransistor for Hardware Oriented Neuromorphic Computing

Srikrishna Sagar, Kannan Udaya Mohanan, Seongjae Cho, Leszek A. Majewski, and Bikas C. Das*

Scientific Reports 12, 3808 (2022).


Superionic Rubidium Silver Iodide Gated Low Voltage Synaptic Transistor

Arka Mukherjee, Srikrishna Sagar, Sumaiya Parveen, and Bikas C. Das*

Applied Physics Letters 119 (25), 253502 (2021). 

Self-Powered Broadband Photodetection of Copper Phthalocyanine by Enhancing Photogating Effect with Monolayer MoS2 Flakes

Navaneeth Krishnan K, Anjusree Sreedharan, Srikrishna Sagar, Litty Thomas Manamel, Arka Mukherjee, and Bikas C. Das*

Applied Surface Science 568, 150818  (2021).

Ultralow Voltage Field-Effect Transistors Using Nanometer-Thick Transparent Amorphous Indium-Gallium-Zinc Oxide Films 

Arka Mukherjee, Vishnu Ottapilakkal, Srikrishna Sagar, and Bikas C. Das*

ACS Applied Nano Materials 4 (8), 8050–8058 (2021)

Electroforming-Free Nonvolatile Resistive Switching of Redox-Exfoliated MoS2 Nanoflakes Loaded Polystyrene Thin-Film with Synaptic Functionality

Litty Thomas Manamel, Swetha Chengala Madam, Srikrishna Sagar, and Bikas C. Das*

Nanotechnology 32, 35LT02  (2021

Reversible polymorphic structural transition of crown-like nickel nanoclusters and its effect on conductivity

Manju P. Maman, Akashdeep Nath, Anjusree S, Bikas C. Das and Sukhendu Mandal*

Chemical Communications 57 (23), 2935-2938  (2021


Air-processed active-layer of organic solar cells investigated by conducting AFM for precise defect detection

Anjusree S., Arya K. R. and Bikas C. Das

RSC Advances 10, 24882-24892 (2020

Two-dimensional Nanohybrid of MoS2 and Rose Bengal: Facile Solution Growth and Band Structure Probing

Litty Thomas Manamel, Arka Mukherjee, Bikas C. Das

Applied Surface Science 530, 147063 (2020)

Plasmonic Hot Carrier Induced Photosensitization of CdSe Quantum Dots: Role of Phonons

Sandhya K Meladom and Bikas C. Das

Journal of Physical Chemistry C 124 (22), 12095-12105 (2020)

Ultra-thin anodized aluminium dielectric films: the effect of citric acid concentration and low-voltage electronic applications

Srikrishna Sagar , Navid Mohammadian, Seonghyun Park, Leszek A Majewski and Bikas C Das 

Nanotechnology 31 (25), 255705 (2020)

Low-voltage IGZO TFTs using solution-Deposited OTS-modified Ta2O5 dielectric

N Mohammadian, BC Das, LA Majewski 

IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices 67 (4), 1625-1631 (2020)


Unconventional Redox-Active Gate Dielectrics To Fabricate High Performance Organic Thin-Film Transistors

Srikrishna Sagar, Anubhab Dey, Bikas C. Das 

ACS Applied Electronic Materials 1 (11), 2314-2324 (2019)

One-Volt, Solution-Processed Organic Transistors with Self-Assembled Monolayer-Ta2O5 Gate Dielectrics

Navid Mohammadian, Sheida Faraji, Srikrishna Sagar, Bikas C. Das, Michael L. Turner and Leszek A. Majewski

Materials 12 (16), 2563 (2019)

Aggregation induced non-emissive-to-emissive switching of molecular platinum clusters

Anu George, Manju P Maman, Kalishankar Bhattacharyya, Sudeshna Das Chakraborty, S Anjusree, Bikas C Das, Dulal Senapati, Ayan Datta, Sukhendu Mandal

Nanoscale 11 (13), 5914-5919 (2019)


Microwave assisted robust aqueous synthesis of Mn2+ - doped CdSe QDs with enhanced electronic properties

K. Meladom Sandhya, Sarath Arackal, Anjusree Sreedharan, Srikrishna Sagar, Bikas C. Das 

RSC Advances 8 (47), 26771 - 26781 (2018)

During Postdoc

Ion Transport and Switching Speed in Redox-Gated 3-Terminal Organic Memory Devices

BC Das, B Szeto, DD James, Y Wu, RL McCreery 

Journal of The Electrochemical Society 161 (12), H831 (2014)

Redox-Gated Three-Terminal Organic Memory Devices: Effect of Composition and Environment on Performance

Bikas C. Das, Rajesh G. Pillai, Y Wu, Richard L. McCreery 

ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 5 (21), 11052-11058 (2013)

During Ph.D.

Transport Gap of Nanoparticle‐Passivated Silicon Substrates (Click here to read)

Batu Ghosh, Bikas C. Das and Amlan J. Pal

Small 6 (1), 52-57 (2010)

Enhancement of electrical bistability through semiconducting nanoparticles for organic memory applications

Bikas C. Das and Amlan J. Pal

Phil. Trans. R. Soc. A 367 (1905), 4181-4190 (2009)

To change transport gap of semiconducting nanoparticles without disturbing the optical one: Core-shell approach

Bikas C. Das and Amlan J. Pal

Applied Physics Letters 94 (8), 082106 (2009)

Core Shell Hybrid Nanoparticles with Functionalized Quantum Dots and Ionic Dyes: Growth, Monolayer Formation, and Electrical Bistability

Bikas C. Das and Amlan J. Pal 

ACS Nano 2 (9), 1930-1938 (2008)

Memory Applications and Electrical Bistability of Semiconducting Nanoparticles: Do the Phenomena Depend on Bandgap?

Bikas C. Das and Amlan J. Pal 

Small 4 (5), 542-547 (2008)

Switching between different conformers of a molecule: Multilevel memory elements

Bikas C. Das and Amlan J. Pal

Organic Electronics 9 (1), 39-44 (2008)

A bit per particle: Electrostatic assembly of CdSe quantum dots as memory elements

Bikas C. Das, Sudip K. Batabyal, and Amlan J. Pal

Advanced Materials 19 (23), 4172−4176 (2007)

Book Chapters

Doping of Semiconductors at Nanoscale with Microwave Heating (Overview)

Sandhya K. M., Litty Thomas Manamel and Bikas C. Das

Book: Microwave Heating (2021)

DOI: 10.5772/intechopen.95558

Conference Proceedings

Redox-Gated Molecular Memory Devices Based on Dynamic Doping of Polythiophene (Click here to read)

RL McCreery, B Das, R Pillai, N Pekas, DB James 

ECS Meeting Abstracts MA2014-01, 1030 (2014).

Redox-gated 3-terminal organic memory devices:Performance with future prospects (Click here to read)

Bikas C. Das 

International Conference on Nanotechnology for Better Living 3 (1), 263 (2016)

Redox-gated Molecular Memory Devices based on Dynamic Doping of Polythiophene

B Das, N Pekas, R Pillai, B Szeto, R McCreery, Y Wu