Ongoing Research Efforts

Memristor and Neuromorphic Devices

  • Fabrication of low power organic TFTs to demonstrate different brain functionalities.

  • Probing the non-volatile memory properties of TFTs using unconventional gate dielectrics.

  • Properties will be correlated with synaptic plasticity as simple building blocks for the realization of artificial electronic neurons and synapses.

2D Layered Materials

  • Facile growth of different 2D transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDCs).

  • Preparation of charge-transfer nanohybrids using 2D Transition Metal Dichalcogenides (TMDCs), QDs, and organic semiconductors.

  • Purpose is to improve the electronic properties and show their potential device applications with improved performances.

Ultralow Power Thin Film Transistors

  • Demonstration of high performance and ultralow voltage operated thin film transistors (TFTs).

  • Finding of active channel materials with high carrier mobility for the faster-reading response.

  • Study the operation and carrier dynamics to design transistors with sub-thermionic sub-threshold swing.

Cost-effective Photovoltaic Devices

  • Direct conversion of solar light energy into utilizable electricity using 2-terminal simple devices architecture.

  • Purpose is to minimise fabrication cost under ambient environment and improve PCE.

  • Development of simple devices fabrication protocol in ambient.

Nanomaterials and Plasmonics

  • Synthesis of high quality QDs with diverse functionalities following standard protocols.

  • Probing their properties by varying size, shape, crystallinity, composition, capping ligands, and so on.

  • Demonstration of thin film device applications in the field of plasmonics, memristor, transistor, LED, solar cell, and various sensor.